Minor in Infrastructure Management and Finance

Jointly Offered by the Department of Building, Department of Real Estate (School of Design and Environment) and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)

There is a huge infrastructure demand in Asia and beyond. Singapore is seeking to position itself as the infrastructure hub for Asia. There are opportunities for infrastructure professionals to manage and finance these assets.

The Minor in Infrastructure Management and Finance is open to all students in NUS.

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Minor Requirements

To be awarded a Minor in Infrastructure Management and Finance (Minor), the student must pass a minimum of 6 modules (equivalent to 24 modular credits [MCs]) from the list below. At least 4 modules (16 MCs) must be read outside a student’s own major requirements. Up to 2 modules (8 MCs) may be double-counted towards the Minor and student’s own major requirements.

4 non-major modules (16 MCs) + 2 major modules (8 MCs) = 24 MCs

  • PF1101 Fundamentals of Project Management#
  • PF2205 Project Finance
  • PF3305 Facilities Planning and Design
  • PF4309 Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance
  • RE2705 Urban Economics
  • RE2706 Real Estate and Infrastructure Finance
  • RE3701 Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • RE4803 REIT and Business Trust Management
    (Pre-requisite: RE3701 Real Estate Investment Analysis)
  • CE3121 Transportation Engineering
    (Pre-requisite: CE2407 Engineering and Uncertainty Analysis)
  • CE4221 Design of Land Transport Infrastructures
    (Pre-requisite: CE3121 Transportation Engineering)


# Students who read CE2183 Construction Project management will be able to use it to satisfy PF1101 Fundamentals of Project Management.

Module Description

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