Curriculum and Programme Structure

B.Sc. (Project & Facilities Management) (Hons.) Programme

The Department of Building offers the full-time B.Sc. (Project and Facilities Management) undergraduate programme, a professional honours degree programme designed to be completed in four years by students proceeding at a normal pace.

Eligible student may opt for a second major in Management or Management (Technology) offered by NUS Business School and Faculty of Engineering. These may be completed in normal time (i.e. four years) through double counting.

Detailed Curriculum and Programme Structure

Curriculum and Programme Structure for:

Graduation Requirements for four-year B.Sc. (Project and Facilities Mgt.) (Hons.) Programme

Students have to take all foundation modules offered in the semester to which they have progressed, provided they have passed the relevant prerequisites. In addition, they may take modules to satisfy University and other requirements. To graduate, a student must obtain a minimum of 160 MCs in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum and programme structure. ‘Fulfilling’ Modular Credits means reading and passing the modules which carry the Modular Credits.

Assessment and Examination

Students are assessed on a mixture of class work and end-of-semester examinations for each module they had registered for in the semester. Continuous Assessment (CA) may be in the form of essays, laboratory work, projects, reports, or tests. Students’ performance during tutorials may be assessed as part of the CA.

Students who fail in a foundation module have to retake the foundation module the following year. For a retaken module, students have to attend lectures and tutorials and complete assignments and examinations. A new CA grade has to be obtained.

Students who fail a non-foundation module may either replace it with a new module or retake the failed module the following year. There is no limit to the number of times a student may retake the same non-foundation module.

Students who have passed any module are not allowed to retake the module to improve their grades.

Progression of Students

Please see the table below:

Minimum MCs (in general) for promotion to the next level PFM1 -> PFM2 [>=40 MC]
PFM2 -> PFM3 [>=80 MC]
PFM3 -> PFM4 [>=120 MC]

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