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BIM & Safety Competition


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most conspicuous attributes of a fundamental change that is swiftly transforming the construction industry. The findings of studies on the use of BIM have shown that communications can be improved and errors can be eliminated; thus resulting in a safer worksite. The aim of this competition is to showcase the integrated design and collaborative features of BIM in enhancing safety on sites. Students and professionals are encouraged to use BIM to add the Safety Dimension for monitoring and improving safety performances on construction projects. Participants will have to form teams to use a real-life project or a hypothetical case to demonstrate BIM capabilities in enhancing safety on construction sites.



Competition Registration and Schedule


 Registration of interest by 10 February 2012 interested teams should register their interest in participating in the competition, giving the names of the members, the institution or the company they are associated with and e-mail contact address of the corresponding member to the Organizers at:

 Registration of teams 27-29 February 2012 teams must register their members at the registration web-site in order to take part in the competition

 Schedule of BIM & Safety Competition:

 Commences 29 February 2012

 Closes on 30 July 2012 at 12.00 GMT





The following awards will be given out:

 Best integrated BIM solution to enhance safety.

 Best use of BIM for multi-disciplinary use and interoperability to enhance safety.

 Discretionary award (to be awarded at the discretion of the Judging Panel).



Judging Panel and Judging Criteria


The Judging Panel will comprise representatives of buildingSMART Singapore and buildingSMART Korea, and other specially invited international BIM experts.



Judging Criteria


The teams shall be awarded points for the following:

 Compliance with safety codes of their respective countries

 Integrated BIM Solution incorporating a Risk Assessment Approach:

 Design for safety

 Construction for safety

 Management for safety

 Buildability for safety

 Productivity for safety.



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