International Research Collaborations

The Department has also formed synergistic partnerships with global leaders in some research areas. Memoranda of Understanding and research collaboration agreements have been signed with well-known overseas institutions and organisations.

Agreement With Denmark Technical University Joint Doctorate Degree In Indoor Environment And Energy (JDIE)

The aims of the agreement are:

  1. Promote and provide doctoral training programs for students in the field of Indoor Environment And Energy.
  2. To bring together the unique teaching and research features of two highly qualified European and Asian Universities with complementary expertise in research, teaching and contract work on indoor environment and energy related topics.
  3. To jointly define a doctorate programme and the supervision of doctorate activities for students participating in the JDIE and which are enrolled at a Host University, but will be studying at the Partner University in order to fulfil the requirements of the JDIE.

Research Collaboration With Penn State University Effectiveness Of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Systems In Air Handling Units In Enhancing Iaq And Energy Performance

Buildings and other enclosed environments are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing a healthy environment besides addressing thermal comfort and IAQ issues. This collaborative research project between NUS and Penn State University (PSU) addresses the dual issues of IAQ and energy performance by investigating a cleaning technology that could be effective for eliminating/minimizing both surface and airborne contaminants while simultaneously improving energy efficiency.

The present study is aimed at understanding the effectiveness of Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) systems in mitigating microbial growth on the surfaces of the coil and keeping the coils clean, which may have both IAQ and energy benefits. It is to be noted that the energy savings is envisaged to result from lower air-side pressure drop across the cooling coil and the increased overall heat transfer coefficient resulting from a cleaner coil surface.

MOU With Suntory Holdings Limited

This collaboration involves testing of the Midorie Vertical Greenery system to evaluate the performance under the tropical environment. The testing includes the thermal performance, water retention capacity of the substrate as well as the possibility of chemical leaching from the substrate. It also covers the development of a new low cost and low maintenance system.

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