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Welcome to the Centre for Integrated Building Energy and Sustainability in the Tropics (CiBEST) website.

The website seeks to showcase the various research activities conducted by faculty members and graduate students of the Department of Building in the domain of Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environment and Sustainability. Our colleagues’ research career in these areas spans a period of more than two decades and they have made significant scholarly and professional contributions on a global scale and they have also attained considerable international acclaim. Locally, our colleagues regularly collaborate with various agencies (such as BCA, NEA, JTC, URA, EMA to name a few) and industry partners to address issues in the urban built environment. Over the years, the various research projects have been well supported by MOE Academic Research Fund and other funding agencies, such as NRF, BCA, ASTAR, JTC, NEA and NMRC.

CiBEST has two research clusters – Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) Hub and Sustainable Buildings. This website provides an overview of research activities in these two clusters, including profiles of PIs and key research personnel in the various relevant areas of research. It also provides a snapshot of current and past research projects, including a list of key publications. We hope this website will provide you with the information you need, and we would be pleased to answer any queries you may have.

Professor Chandra Sekhar
A/P David Cheong
Co-Directors - CiBEST