Title of Research Project Principal Investigator
Oleophobic and antimicrobial nanocoating using metal-base nanomaterials for Smart Green Home SGH appliances Shah Kwok Wei and Lee Siew Eang
Study on Acceptable Reflectance level of Building Facade Materials in Singapore Wong Nyuk Hien
Smart solutions promoting behavior driven energy efficiency: A personality-based energy management system (GBIC) Lu Yujie
Smart Devices & Energy Savings in NUS Sekhar Kondepudi
Development of Heat Transfer Mechanism, Heat Transfer Simulation Model and “Cool” “Clean” Car NanoCoating for Cleaner & Greener Automotive Applications Kua Harn Wei
Development of Smart Nanomaterials as “Cool” “Clean” Urban Solutions for highly dense cities Shah Kwok Wei
Enhancing aural comfort in Singapore Homes through NUS-CDL Smart Green home test-bedding studies Lee Siew Eang
Smart solutions promoting behavior driven energy efficiency: A personality-based energy management system Lu Yujie
Lifecycle BIM Integration with Energy MM&V for Net Zero Energy Building Adrian Chong
Quantitative Urban Environmental Simulation Tool (Quest) – Thermal Comfort Mapping Wong Nyuk Hien
Indoor Environment Quality and Productivity in Green Mark Certified Non-Residential Buildings Tham Kwok Wai
Additive manufacturing of durable and water-resistant building structures and façade components using novel sustainable building materials Kua Harn Wei
Development of Climate Change Information Service (CLICIS) @Geospace Wong Nyuk Hien
Measuring & Analyzing Ict Device Energy Loads, Developing Predictive Algorithms And A Green ICT Guidelines, NUS As A TestbedD Tham Kwok Wai & Sekhar Narayana Kondepudi
Multi-functional systems for Low Volume High Value Carbon Capture and Utilization Kua Harn Wei
Characterising Exhaled Droplets Produced by Human Respiratory Activities to Assist Aerosol Infection Control Tham Kwok Wai
Smart Glass façade derived from advanced nanomaterials with IoT sensors and Real-Life Test Bedding via IoT Sensored climate chambers and room in zero energy building Shah Kwok Wei
Customization and Application of Life Cycle Characterisation Factors for Evaluating the Impacts of Biochar-based Building Materials using the SIMPASS approach Kua Harn Wei
Development of a Multiscale Urban Microclimate Model for NUS Campus Thermal Environment Wong Nyuk Hien
BESCAM: Integration of Building Energy Simulation and Urban Canopy Modelling for Assessment of District Energy Demand Wong Nyuk Hien
Integrated Web-based Platform for Lifecycle Building Energy Modelling Adrian Chong
Generating certified energy models in Singapore through an M&V framework: a pilot study Adrian Chong