Publication Highlights

Journal Authors Year
A review on time series forecasting techniques for building energy consumption, Journal of Renewable and sustainable review, DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2017.02.085 (Corresponding author) Deb C., Zhang F., Yang J., Lee S.E., Shah K.W. 2017
Anthropogenic heat reduction through retrofitting strategies of campus buildings, Building and Energy Yang J., Tham K. W., Lee S.E., Santamouris M., Sekhar C., Cheong K.W.D. 2016
Conference Papers Authors Year
Development and Comparison of Four Different Occupancy Counting and Estimation Solutions, Accepted for ASHRAE Annual Conference 2017 Yang J., Pantazaras A., Chandran A.K., Lee S.E., Santamouris M., Tham K.W., Wong L. 2017
Improving the accuracy of Building Energy Simulation using real-time occupancy schedule and metered electricity consumption data, Accepted for ASHRAE Annual Conference 2017 Anand P., Yang J., Cheong K.W.D., and Sekhar C. 2017
The Impact of Chiller Plant Retrofit on Energy Consumption for Commercial Buildings in Singapore, Accepted for ASHRAE Annual Conference 2017 Lee S.E., Deb C., Yang J. 2017
A PTZ Camera Enhanced People-Occupancy Estimation System (PCEPOES), Accepted for The 15th IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications, Nagoya, Japan, May 8-12 Chandran A.K., A.S., Wong L.W.C., Yang J., Chaturvedi K.A. 2017
Personalized Ventilation - Personalized Exhaust Ventilation Strategy for Reducing the Risk of Airborne Cross Infection in Healthcare Consultation Rooms, In: Proceeding of IAQ 2016 conference, Alexandria, USA Yang J., Sekhar C., Cheong K.W.D., Rapheal B. 2016