BEE Hub Cluster

The vision of the BEE Hub cluster is to establish a Building Energy Efficiency Hub@NUS leveraging the campus as a “living lab” / showcase.

An initial phase involves 10 buildings on campus with the following objectives:

  1. Develop an Energy Information Network (EIN) Infrastructure. The EIN will improve current energy efficiency efforts on campus through an intelligent building system that provides centralized operations to monitor, control and manage energy use while enhancing the quality of the built environment on the campus.
  2. Create a Centre of Excellence for Building Energy Efficiency Solutions through technology development, analytics, control and management.

The BEE Hub is proposed to include a wider scope aimed at addressing energy efficiency enhancements to more buildings on campus and also lead to cutting edge research in energy efficiency in different types of buildings, such as, laboratories, data centres, class rooms, libraries and offices. This is to be achieved with significant improvement to building performance and is aimed for both existing and new buildings in the Tropics.